Biscuits & Savouries

Take your tastebuds on a tour of some of the greatest textures and flavours from around the world with the Rita Farhi range of sweet biscuits and savoury snacks. From the exotic flavours of Japan to the gastronomic delights of Italian tradition, we've got something to suit every taste.

Our spicy and unusual savoury treats are the perfect aperitif and make wonderful party nibbles. Crisp and crunchy, our authentic chilli and osumi rice crackers are packed with flavour and they look great too. Your guests will love them, so make sure you have plenty in stock!

Or why not try our fantastic range of savoury peanuts? Whole firm peanuts, wrapped in a layer of crunchy rice cracker and alive with the uniquely tangy flavours of Japanese wasabi or seaweed, these are just what your palate has been waiting for. If your taste runs to the spicy, you can't go wrong with our delicious chilli peanuts or piquant Bombay mix.

When it comes to sweet biscuits, we've delved into centuries of Italian culinary tradition to find our wonderful amaretti and biscotti. Sweet, light, and baked to crunchy perfection, they are the ideal treat to accompany your morning coffee. They also round off a meal perfectly and add flair to any festive table.

As well as being enjoyed by themselves, they can be used in any number of ways to create delicious desserts and cakes, making these tempting treats the ideal present for the gourmand in your life. Or why not bring them along to your next dinner party as a gift for your host?

All Rita Farhi sweet and savoury snacks come beautifully packaged in a range of large resealable gourmet jars, attractive gift boxes, and combination gift packs to suit any occasion. Just make sure when you place your order that you remember to treat yourself!