Sweets & Marshmallows

For big days and small indulgent moments, for special occasions or as a reward for a job well done, to say "Thank you" or to say "I love you", there's nothing to equal the pleasure of a sweet treat. For centuries, people have associated confectionery with festivals and celebrations and that's as true today as it ever was.

The Rita Farhi range of gourmet sweets and marshmallows turn any moment into a celebration. They're the perfect gift to mark a special occasion, to treat your friends, or just to have at home so you can take time out for yourself with a little sweet indulgence whenever you want to!

You'll find delectable treats here, from the soft and luscious exoticism of Turkish Delight, to the honey sweetness of our traditionally-made crunchy nut brittle. These wonderful sweets are made to be savoured by those who truly appreciate quality and luxury.

Just as luxurious but a lot more fun and funky is our range of retro sweets. Explore our array of jellies, boiled sweets and liquorice treats and we're sure you'll find a sweet delight that'll grab your tastebuds and take them on a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia. They're perfect for parties and for sharing with friends.

Then again, what about marshmallows? Forget boring pink-and-white blobs; we've transformed the humble marshmallow into a work of art. You'll be amazed by the host of funky, cute and festive shapes guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, and the variety of flavours and textures to delight your tastebuds.

They look fabulous, smell sweet and tempting and taste even better. Kids love them, but they're certainly not just for the little ones—you won't be able to resist them!

When you choose a Rita Farhi product you're choosing high quality ingredients, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, and packaged with love. Our delicious sweets come in a range of classy, contemporary gift boxes and jars which suit any occasion. So, if you're looking for the perfect gourmet gift, you're certain to find it here... just make sure that you remember to treat yourself too!