How To Be More Sustainable This Christmas

Sustainability is the big buzzword at the minute. Whether it’s the Insulate Britain protestors making their presence known or world leaders making headlines from the recent COP26 gathering, eco efficiency and sustainability is at the forefront of all our minds. Here at Farhi we do not believe that sustainability is a buzzword or a fad but with such a spotlight on it currently, it’s easy for the message to get diluted or become a topic that brands pick up and drop as trends change. At Farhi we have one simple objective to, ‘do better every day’. We are by no means perfect but everyday we strive to do a little bit more, to hold ourselves to account and to research more and subsequently action how we can improve our production process, our product lines, and our packaging to work towards a more sustainable future that works long term.

Luxury Gift Selections For Christmas By Rita Farhi

In future issues we will be taking an in depth look into packaging developments, the difference between compostable and recyclable and the other implications that come with changing established packaging productions. But, in this first issue we wanted to talk a little bit about how to have a more sustainable Christmas. At a time at high consumer spend, wrapping paper and an abundance of packaging, it’s easy for sustainability to go out the window.

Luxury Confectionery Gift Selections for Christmas

Here are our top 5 ways of improving your sustainability this Christmas, without compromising on festive cheer.

1. Buy better, buy less.

Consumption is a big issue when it comes to sustainability and Christmas is easily a time when we are all guilty of over purchasing. Opt for food items that can be enjoyed by friends and family and search out items with a long shelf life so that gifts can be enjoyed after the fairy lights have been switched off. Our products hold a 10 month shelf life, making them still utterly delicious after the festive season is over.

2. Reuse and re-love.

Ever received a gift where the packaging is just as great as the product inside? When looking for gifts, think about purchasing items that can live beyond their original purpose. While our gourmet large jars and bow tied small jars are perfect for storing our delicious confectionery, once the treats are gone, don’t throw the jars away! Wash them out with some soapy water and use the storage containers to help tidy up your home. With screw top lids they’re great for storing dried goods or more confections and even work well for storing stationery. Our bonbonnières are also an incredibly stylish solution for a dressing table jewellery decanter or even for holding your keys on your console table by the front door.

3. Think about your wrapping paper.

If you’re looking to wrap your gifts this season (make sure to check out our gift wrapping 10 step guide on page 17) then think about what you wrap your gifts with. Check that the wrapping you’re buying is recyclable or why not go a little retro and use brown paper and twine as the basis for your wrapping. When sealing your wrapping paper, use the minimum amount of tape or tape that can be peeled off easily so that wrapping can be gently removed and reused, paying it forward to help the planet. Other wrapping ideas can include using old magazines and newspapers or even some fun fabric that again can be tied with twine and reused later. Unwrapping presents is fun, but it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

4. Make sure to check how to dispose of packaging properly.

Something won’t be able to be recycled and, in those instances, try to reuse the packaging where you can. If something can be recycled make sure to dispose of it in the appropriate way to minimise landfill. It’s a little bit of extra effort but it goes a long way. Our new snack box range (that is perfect for stocking fillers) is compostable, why not start composting, a great way to enrich your garden and reduce waste too, you can even add left over brussel sprouts too it.

5. Give gifts that help the world.

But why not try and go beyond the tangible and give a gift that pays it forward. Plant a tree for a friend, support an animal on someone’s behalf or gift a charity donation. There are lots of ways to be thoughtful this season that can ensure the wider world and community benefits too. From all of us here at Farhi HQ, have a wonderful break and enjoy yourselves, however you’re spending it.