Celebrate Mother's Day With Farhi

Mother's Day Selections By Rita Farhi

Mothering Sunday this year falls on the 27th of March. It is a day to celebrate the mother figure in your life - mothers, mothers-in-law and grandmothers for all that they do, one of the most thankless jobs there is. The date for Mother’s Day is not fixed as it always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, meaning there is always slight differentiation in date. The day is about honouring mothers and others in caring roles - there are many ways to celebrate this important day. Some people give gifts and cards to their mothers on this day and while of course we should always be grateful and thankful to parents, this day is a specific dedication and a good way to pause, take stock and remind ourselves of the one of the hardest and least recognised roles in the world. So how can you celebrate Mother’s Day in style and does everyone in the world celebrate Mother’s Day? We’re pleased you asked.

There are lots of great ways to show your mother or grandmother that you care. A thoughtful card is always a lovely sentiment, creating a card with photographs of you and your mother or grandmother on would be particularly cherished. If you have small children, perhaps creating something from them to their grandmother is a fun way of highlighting the importance of having plenty of female role models around for your children too. There is of course the option to purchase a gift. Some like to give sweet treats such as chocolate as a Mother’s Day gift, it’s a small and simple token of appreciation and who doesn’t like to receive chocolate?!

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Flowers are also a popular choice for Mother’s Day and if you’re far away from home on the celebratory occasion, getting flowers delivered is an amazing way of showing someone you care from a distance. Remember, gift buying should feel personal and if the person you’re purchasing for is a great reader or loves to garden, do not feel you have to buy a traditional Mother’s Day gift. Purchase what you think will be loved and appreciated. But, of course, it isn’t all about commercialisation and buying presents. Spending time together is often all mothers really want with their children and grandchildren. Why not arrange an afternoon tea, a day out or dinner in a nice restaurant and treat your mum as a way of spending time together where no one has to do the washing up?

While the day is called Mother’s Day, it’s also an amazing day to honour other strong female role models in your life. If you have an aunt, a stepparent or a close family friend that is particularly important to you or has often played a mother figure role, use this day as a way of showing them how much you care.

Mother’s Day traditions from around the world Mother’s Day is celebrated internationally but each country has its own unique take.

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In the USA, Mother’s Day is actually celebrated on the 8th of May. But while they celebrate on a different day, their celebratory style is very much like ours. Spending time together and gift and card giving is top of the list.

Hosts a 10 day festival for mothers every October. Known as Durga Puja, it dates back to the sixteenth century and is in honour of the Hindu Goddess Gurga. Both a religious and family affair, people visit their mother’s and those of their friends and bring home cooked food to share together.

Originally used as a comforting holiday for those mothers who had lost a child in the Second World War, it is now a celebration of the endurance of motherhood. White carnations are the gift to give. (May 8th)

Mother’s Day is part of the Antrosht festival which comes at the end of rain season. The festival is dedicated to mothers and all family members come together to celebrate. There is a large meal, in which the daughters are expected to bring the cheese and vegetables and the sons provide the meat. The food is prepared together, creating a meat hash. Entertainment includes singing and dancing and creating performances that celebrate the history of the family, highlighting heroes within their heritage. (May 8th)

After World War One, France began giving medals to mothers of large families. This was to essentially thank them for their service as it was felt that they were helping to rebuild some of the lives lost during the war. After the end of World War Two, Mother’s Day was officially moved to the last Sunday in May and now traditionally children gift a flower shaped cake.

The second most commercial holiday in the country (first is Christmas), Mother’s Day in Brazil is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and called Dia das Mães. Popular activities include church services, barbecues and special children’s performances.