Luxury Gifts To Thank Your Staff On Employee Appreciation Day

Luxury Gifts For National Appreciation Day

The first Friday in the month of March marks out National Employee Appreciation Day. If you’re a boss and have never celebrated the occasion before, then why not make 2022 the year you start and show your employees just how valued they are. The holiday started in the USA but is gaining traction both within the States and internationally as the perfect day for bosses to ‘give back’ to workers.

Why is National Employee Appreciation Day important?

Luxury Gifts From Rita Farhi To Say Thank You On National Appreciation Day

We all know that people work harder when they’re motivated and one of the easiest ways to motivate staff is to show them, they’re valued and respected. Employee Appreciation Day is a great vehicle for taking those steps. So how can you celebrate the occasion and show gratitude to staff?

1. Let the weekend come early.

As the ‘holiday’ always falls on the first Friday in March, many employers designate this day as an early finish Friday. Many companies have early finishes on summer Fridays, but as a winter one off, this is such a lovely treat to staff. It seems like something small, but allowing workers to begin their weekend early is reminder that you recognise how much they’re contributing during the week.

2. Get the drinks in!

Whether it’s taking the team to the pub or a bar or organising a team drinks in the office during Friday’s work day, raising a glass together is a great way to create a bond amongst co-workers. Better yet why not get a mobile bar service in for the occasion and teach a cocktail masterclass on the Friday afternoon?

3. Vouchers

Show Your Appreciation With a Gift Card

A small token for each member of staff goes along way. Everyone loves receiving gifts, no matter how small. A voucher for a local coffee shop or an online store that offers a variety of product will be an item all staff can use and enjoy.

3. Away we go

We spend most of our adult life at work, so it’s important to not only enjoy what you do but to also get on with colleagues. Why not designate the 4th of March as a team building day and take your staff out for some much needed bonding time. It can be anything from a day away at a spa to something more physical such as an obstacle course. While team bonding and away days used to focus around ‘trust exercises’, really all your employees need is the opportunity to relax together and create shared experience and memories in order to create bonds that will ultimately ensure they can cooperate better together and achieve more, in an environment that they fill valued in.

4. Chocolate gifting

Luxury Chocolate Gift Selections

At the start of this issue, we discussed the importance of chocolate and the feelings it can evoke. Chocolate releases soothing and happy hormones, which is why it has become such a popular present.

For Employee Appreciation Day, why not gift chocolate, after all, everyone loves a little sweet treat. Of course, you can go for pre-packed items, a box of chocolates will never be turned away, but why not create your own corporate gifting item to give away to staff this year?

This is a great way of creating branded products that benefit both staff and the business. Got employees who are likely to share on social media channels what they received on Employee Appreciation Day? Then make sure it has been branded. If you want to create a chocolate product for staff, then get in touch with us. 

Handmade and Hand-Painted Bonbonnières

Never underestimate the power of saying Thank You. It’s two of the smallest and easiest words in the English language but is so often left out. At work a simple Thank You, a note or card, or simply an email is the best way to make sure your employees and colleagues always feel valued and better, yet it doesn’t cost a thing. So make sure to use it all year round.