The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Wrapping The Perfect Present This Christmas

How to Wrap Christmas Presents

It’s the festive season, which can only mean one thing… GIFTING!
Here at Farhi we literally love giving presents and we understand that feeling both giving and receiving a well-presented gift exudes.

But while our chocolate-covered fruits and nuts are ready and waiting to make someone smile, we know that you’ll also have a lot of other gifts to get ready this season.

So here is a 10-step guide on how to wrap the perfect present this winter.
Grab your scissors, clear tape, paper, and ribbon, it’s time to get wrapping.

1.  The most Important thing to start with is the correct size of wrapping paper. Get this right and the rest of your gift wrapping this Christmas will be a cinch and you’ll quickly become the go to birthday present gift wrapper too.

2. Make sure you have a clear and clean workspace - no one wants to wrap the perfect present and then find a mark on the paper! Unroll your wrapping paper with the patterned side of the wrapping paper facing down onto the table. Place your gift on top of the paper. If your present is rectangular, then line up the longer sides of the box so that they are parallel with the end of the roll. Next, fold the end of the paper over until it fully envelopes and covers the box. Make a mark with a pencil where the end meets with the paper, then add approximately 2.5cm. This marks out the width of your wrapping paper.

3.  Using the marks made as a guide, cut straight from top to bottom. The piece of paper you end up with should not be too long, but just wide enough to wrap across your entire gift.

4.  Make sure your box is in place again and fold one edge of the wrapping paper over to the centre so that it covers just over half way of your box. If your box was 10cm tall, you’d want that piece of paper to be measuring at 5.5cm. Now do the same for the other side of the paper and cut off any excess. Essentially this gives you just enough overlap to seal the gift but not mountains of paper that will make your wrapping cumbersome.

5.  You’ll know straight away if you’ve got it right as you should now have a piece of wrapping paper that is the perfect size for your box. From right to left your gift paper should wrap full across the box and from top to bottom it should come to halfway up the box. If 1-5 has worked, it’s time to move on to step 6.

6.  Wrap the right and left sides up to meet in the middle. Make sure the paper is taut (this is very important) and then tape into place. They should be just crossing over in the centre.

7.  Now you’ve probably watched this next bit a thousand times and thought it was hard to do. But with your paper now the correct size, it should fold in quite naturally and be a breeze. On one of the open-ended sides, crease the wrapping paper over the corner, creating a nice snug and sharp edge. If you don’t have a second person there to hold it securely in place while you fold the next part, you can tape this end to the box to help. Now crease both side pieces in, one at a time.

8.  Once your two side pieces are creased, you have created a sort of bottom flap, this is now folded up and secured with tape.

9.  Repeat on the other side and just like that you’re a gift wrapping pro now.

10. Add any further decoration such as a bow or ribbon - this always makes a gift feel extra special and repeat for each gift.