Medjool Dates: One Of The Oldest Cultivated Fruits

Belgian Chocolate Coated Mixed Nut Filled Date Selection

Dates are thought to be the oldest cultivated fruit in the world. Medjool dates come from the Middle Eastern and North African regions. This exotic fruit is loved for its fleshy and slightly more rigid skins that encase juicy, almost syrupy innards. Dates grow on big date palms, in clusters, almost like grapes and need glorious sunshine and heat to grow into irresistibly plump dates, ready for devouring or turning into jars of date syrup that spreads beautifully on toast is perfect for marinating meats and chicken with.

We introduced our stuffed Medjool dates in 2019, and they have developed many loyal fans, becoming one of Farhi’s best sellers. Served in one of our signature selection boxes, this is a tasty treat with something for everyone. High-quality, plump, Middle Eastern dates are sliced open and filled with a combination of roasted nuts and delicious, candied fruits for a genuinely delightful, sweet treat. The dates not filled are dipped into dark milk or white chocolate for a truly decadent treat that will light up any table.

Sealed with a bow, this multi-selection box of juicy dates makes for a beautiful and thoughtful gift and will look glorious as a table centrepiece at any time of day, from first sight until the last bite. 

Fillings Include

Spanish candied, zesty orange peels, creamy marzipan, crisp Persian walnuts, delicate pistachios, crunchy cashew nuts and sun-ripened Californian almonds, served alongside dates dipped in rich Belgian dark, milk or white chocolate.

This selection box will enchant every guest, and the brightness of the pistachios and candied orange peel will help to make this box of delicacies stand out from the crowd.

The dates collection has been so popular that we also introduced our vegan-friendly version, which skips the milk chocolate options and serves dates dipped in high-quality Belgian chocolate for a velvety taste and rich flavour, alongside Vegan-friendly dates filled with fruits and nuts.