Read Our Latest Issue Of Our Luxury Gifting Magazine, Sweet Talk Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of Sweet Talk. With spring finally well under way, our focus for this issue has turned to the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan

In this issue, we explore the tradition of fasting and how it is broken in countries around the world. We’ve also rounded up interesting rituals that are unique to certain countries, such as the cannons of Lebanon and why South African Muslims must wait for the eyes of a maan kyker to declare the end of Ramadan.

Here at Rita Farhi, we have everything you need for both Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, from delicious dates to break your fast to wonderful gifts to send your loved ones. Visit pages 6-7 for our Ramadan products and you’ll find our selection of Eid al Fitr gifts on p8-9.

Every issue we bring you a delightful recipe to try at home, using our delicious Rita Farhi products. For issue four, we’re bringing you a simple yet incredibly moreish nut brittle, perfect for sharing… or keeping all to yourself!

And finally, with Allergy Awareness Week starting at the end of April, we explore the products from Rita Farhi that are allergen friendly. Whether you’re dairy free, vegetarian or vegan, we will always have something sumptuous for your consumption.

We hope you enjoy this issue and that you’ll join us for issue five, our summer special soon.