Our Chocolate Selections That Pairs Perfectly With Tea, Coffee and Whiskey

With Tea

Belgian Chocolate Fruit Selection

 Tea can fix a multitude of problems. Too cold? A cup of tea. Too hot... apparently, tea cools you down. Need a break? Tea. Worried? Tea. Celebrating with a cup of tea will still hit the spot. You get the picture. But while a splash of milk might be a classic here in the UK, tea is a highly varied and versatile drink. While we might turn the kettle on at any opportunity, herbal teas can profoundly affect your body, from helping you relax and nod off to aiding digestion and much more.

Pâte De Fruit Selection

For National Tea Day, we’re pairing up some of our favourite treats with some genuinely decadent tea ideas. When combining a sweet bite with a warming cup of tea, look for fruity flavours that complement your brew. We’ve opted for our much-loved Paté De Fruit and Chocolate Enrobed Fruits alongside our decadent afternoon tea that will sing. Serve with Our Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Pâte De Fruit Selection


With Coffee

The Perfect Pair: With Coffee

Chocolate and coffee make for an irresistible combination. But how do you know the perfect sweet treat to team with a cup of freshly brewed coffee? When it comes to pairings, a fresh cup of coffee and some dark chocolate is a delightful combination. The dark chocolate compliments the rich and nutty tasting notes that often feature in great coffee beans.

Of course, a cup of coffee is excellent at any time. Whether it’s that first hit of caffeine in the morning or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, there is nothing quite like it. But as attention turns towards the festive season, we’re getting in the mood to entertain friends and family and enjoy long, drawn-out dinners, catching up with the essential people in our lives. Whether entertaining or being entertained, don’t forget that all-important post-dinner coffee and sweet treat combination.

Dark Chocolate Coated Pistachios

If you’re heading to family or friends, a food gift is always well received, and you are ready to gift boxes of dark chocolate-coated nuts that are the perfect finisher to a meal. And if you’re doing the entertaining, they’re an excellent centrepiece for the table as you bring out hot drinks.

But which is the best nut to choose for your after-dinner munch? While we love all our dark chocolate encased nuts, a chocolate-covered hazelnut, plus a freshly brewed coffee, is a perfect flavour combination. Hazelnuts offer a great crisp bite and are not too creamy or sweet. They have a delicate flavour that already works brilliantly with chocolate, and it is these tasting notes that make it the ultimate partner for a cup of coffee. Our dark chocolate-covered hazelnuts come in a selection of gift jars and boxes, from a sweet and small stocking filler to our signature gourmet jars or ready-to-gift, bow-tied boxes. Our dark chocolate-covered hazelnuts are the post-dinner treat to be serving this season.

With Whiskey

Gold & Silver Sugared Almonds Selections

The season of excess is here, and as the nights get longer, we love the warming properties of a great whiskey in the evening. But if you’re dishing up pre-dinner whiskey to a crowd, you need to give your snack pairing a little thought.

So, what’s the best snack to serve? Well, that depends on the flavour profile of your whiskey. Nuts, crisps and crackers with added spice and flavourings can complement your tipple. A snack mix with some salt and spice is a great way to kick start your offering, and our Mexican Snack Mix and Assorted Rice and Peanut crackers offer the perfect salty balance to the smokiness of a whiskey. Want to recreate that bar snack feel?

Try our salt and pepper peanuts as a great tasty morsel that you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy grazing alongside your drinks.

Chocolate Almonds & Nougat Selection

If you prefer intense and peaty whiskey, try balancing some of that flavour with a slightly sweeter nut. Our dark chocolate pistachios or cocoa-dusted belgian milk chocolate caramelised pecans with a Hint of Gianduja are dreamy and perfectly balance a peaty profile. For those with a love of sweeter whiskey, then make sure that your snack of choice pares back some of those more candied flavours. This allows you to enjoy the whiskey without being overpowered by sweetness. Try our dark chocolate-covered brazil nuts for a less sugary snack on the palette. A good snack pairing allows both parties to truly shine as the idea is for them to complement and enhance one another, not overpower. Are you heading to friends or family? Our ready-to-gift products are a great way of giving your host a treat that enhances the whole occasion.