How To Make The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

How To Make The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

‘Try warming up your cold nights with this decadent treat’.

Hot chocolate is a sweet and simple treat on long and cold winter evenings, but it can be much more than cocoa powder and milk. Whether you want a hug in a mug or you’re looking for a hot drink and dessert combination, we’ve come up with some compelling ways to elevate your hot chocolate this winter. From cocoa cocktails to the ultimate in drinkable desserts, here are three ways to boost your hot chocolate.

Ingredient base for all drinks:

These are the base ingredients for all the enhanced hot chocolates. The additions are on the following page. For vegan or vegetarian-friendly options, use plant-based milk such as Oatly Barista, as it works well in hot drinks and a dairy-free cocoa powder. 


  • Drinking Cocoa Powder
  • Milk, heated gently on a stove, enough to fill the majority of your glass
  • Whipped cream (either from a can or whipped using an electric whisk.


  • Put milk into a pan and start to heat slowly.
  • Add cocoa powder (measurement according to packet).
  • Stir until the mixture is heated and all combined.
  • Pour into your glass, leaving at least 0.5cm at the top of the glass.
  • Leave for 1 minute to settle, and add the whipped cream to a peak.
  • Now it’s time to decorate 
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