Why We Are NOT Eliminating Plastic!

In the grand scheme of things, eliminating plastic might sound like the ultimate solution to save our planet. But let’s be honest: getting rid of plastic entirely is like deciding to stop eating your favourite treat —it sounds noble but isn’t very realistic. Instead, let's talk about why embracing sustainable PET plastic is the real winner in our environmental quest. Spoiler alert: it's got way more upsides than downsides, and no, it doesn't involve giving up anything you love.

Meet PET Plastic: The Cool Kind In The Plastic Family

PET plastic, short for polyethylene terephthalate (try saying that five times fast), is the superstar of the plastic world. It’s the stuff your water bottles, salad containers, and even some clothing fibers are made from. Think of PET as the reliable friend who’s always up for recycling, unlike those other plastics that just want to hang out in landfills forever.

Why Sustainable PET Plastic Is Our Go-To Favourite!

1. Recycling Wizardry: The Circle of (Plastic) Life

PET is like that magical character in a fantasy novel who can come back to life—over and over again. This plastic can be recycled multiple times without turning into a pumpkin. Efficient recycling systems are already in place globally, making PET great for a circular economy. More recycling means less waste, and who doesn’t love the sound of that?

2. Carbon Footprint Winner

Making recycled PET (rPET) is like cooking a meal with leftovers—it takes way less energy than starting from scratch. Studies show that using rPET can slash greenhouse gas emissions by up to and impressive 79%, compared to its virgin counterpart. That's like trading in your diesel motor for a slick electric car without the hefty price tag.

3. Natural Resource Saver

Recycling PET saves on natural resources like petroleum. Imagine recycling PET as hitting the snooze button on drilling for oil. Less drilling equals less environmental havoc, and let’s face it, Mother Nature needs this help. 

4. Job Creator Extraordinaire

The PET recycling industry is a massive part of creating new jobs. From the folks collecting your empties to those transforming them into new bottles, there are jobs galore. This industry doesn’t just help the environment; it helps people earn a decent salary too!

5. Versatile and Practical 

PET is the Swiss Army knife of plastics: lightweight, strong, and versatile. Whether it's keeping your favourite Farhi nuts or your veggies fresh, PET does it all. Eliminating plastic entirely would mean finding alternatives for everything, which is about as easy as herding cats.

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Why Banning Plastic Is Not Something We Support

1. Economic and Logistical Nightmares

Getting rid of plastic would be like asking everyone to switch from cars to pogo sticks. It sounds fun but isn’t very practical. Businesses, especially small ones, would struggle with the cost of transitioning to other materials. Plus, alternatives like glass or metal have their own environmental impact.

2. Waste Not, Want Not

Without PET, food spoilage would skyrocket - especially ours. PET’s excellent barrier properties keep perishables fresh longer, reducing food waste. So, unless you’re okay with a world where your treats go off faster than you can say “compost,” PET’s got your back.

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Our Final Thoughts

While the idea of a plastic-free world might sound on trend and the thing to do, it’s just not realistic. Sustainable PET plastic, on the other hand, offers a pragmatic and effective solution.

By recycling more, using less virgin material, and supporting a robust recycling industry, we can reduce our environmental footprint without turning our lives upside down.

So, next time you open a jar of our Coca Dusted Milk Chocolate Pecans, remember: you’re not just have a sweet treat; you’re part of a sustainable revolution. And that’s something 'sweet' to smile about.

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